Economic branch

Economic branch

OFF is focusing its efforts on the highly touristic area of Isla Barú (Cartagena, Colombia), so it is only logical to use this steady stream of tourists visiting the area. This comes with the liability that those tourists understand the value of the ecosystem they are visiting for leisure reasons.

Educational Excursions

By offering direct insight into the fragile underwater world, we can deliver experiences to our visitors that are fun and educational at the same time. Doing snorkel and diving expeditions, the guests can admire the still intact underwater world. By visiting the coral garden afterwards, they can see how already dead reefs are being reforested by OFF. An insight that only few snorkelers and divers have ever seen. This approach aims to raise awareness on the subject, trying to guide the footsteps of the tourists into a more sustainable way of life.


To be able to have massive impact, fight climate change and improve the lives of those lowincome families profiting from our work, Our Footprint Foundation depends on international funding. Next to the meaningful social projects as an incentive for our generous donors, we have created the possibility to lower their personal carbon footprint, planting natural carbon sinks and restoring already lost habitats in the names of our kind supporters.